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We work so that everyone has access to the aesthetics of excellence, at the lowest possible cost. We have achieved this level of delivery through our efficient medical centers, sophisticated data analysis and intelligent use of technology. We strive to define high standards of health care in Brazil and the United States of America and thus change this reality.

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Dr. Thierry Jacquemin, board Certified Internal Medicine  Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine


Board Certified Internal Medicine

Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Thierry Jacquemim, board certified internal medicine specialist, with a special interest in cardiometabolic prevention and human performance and hair restoration for men and women.


Fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuquese, and Italian, given your multicultural background. Since I graduated from residency in 2009, after serving an additional academic year as Chief Resident, he have worked as an emergency physician, taking care of extremely sick individuals who were often in their eleventh hour. As such, he have seen the entire spectrum of the human condition, from the absolute healthiest to the most damaged.


Your approach is different from the norm, as I believe wholeheartedly in prevention and optimization, not only in treatment of disease. Your life's passion is to help their patients achieve their pinnacle of health, happiness, and productivity, and that explains the remarkable diversity of the individuals whom he treat: from professional athletes, to the elderly, and everyone in between.

Patricia Salgado, surgical coordinator hair restoration


Surgical Coordinator

12 years experience in hair surgery. Partner of the Diolaser company in the hair transplant sector in Deerfild Beach - FL. Patricia is the direct arm of major Hair Transplant companies, today one of the most reputed techniques in teh state of Florida


Currently working in companies:


1 - Bauman Medical Group

2 - Charles Medical Group

3 - Strax Rejuvenation

4 - Global Hair International

5 - Hair Transplant of Florida

6 - Miami Beach Hair Institute


Patricia performs trainings with doctors and technicians for more than 5 years, observed the course market in Hair Transplant and realized that most courses are the same, with the same topics and practices, in fact the differential in Patricia's look is with professionalism of each. Every doctor already knows a little, because of this the courses must be customized to associate the current technique with the new learning.

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