Hair Transplant Course

F.U.E techniques applied by professionals that helps the hair grow again.

OUR MISSION IS TO IMPROVE THE looks AND WELL-BEING OF OUR PATIENTS THROUGH OPTIMUM HAIR HEALTH AND HAIR RESTORATION. We provide every hair loss patient the highest quality results and personalized patient-care in the field of hair restoration.

As an aesthetic complement of man and woman, hair plays an important role in protecting against cold, heat and sunrays. Synonymous with full youth and vitality are important for self-assertion of the individual. Currently the market offers several techniques of hair treatments, among them it is mentioned in this course the transplants of hair follicles using techniques FUE “Follicular Unit Extraction” and FUT “Follicular Unit Transplant“, which provide the individual with a natural, scar-free hair appearance.

surgical treatment using the techniques FUE and FUT

Microtransplantation is indicated when clinical treatment has not produced the expected effects in the early stages. This surgical technique is based on the principle that the wires of the lateral and posterior part of the head are immune to the effects of androgenetic alopecia. These stronger strands are transplanted to the bald area and retain their original characteristics.

Hair Donor Area 1

The drawing of a natural anterior line is made. The goal is to make this drawing look as close as possible to a non-bald person.

Hair Donor Area 2

You can remove a scalp strip containing hair up to 1.5 cm thick. The extent is variable and dependent on the degree of baldness being treated.

Follicular Units

With the aid of microscopes, the surgeon’s trained staff divides the scalp strip into thin follicular units (UF) containing 1 to 4 strands.


The follicular units are preserved in nutrient solution until the wires are implanted in the bald area of the patient.

Hair Implant

The direction of the implant follows the natural direction of growth of the wires. The density should be as large as possible so that the implant does not look “deep”.

Hair Transplant Surgery

The permanent solution to hair loss with your own natural, growing hair.

Permanent, natural results.